Thursday, May 27, 2010


Santiago Peralta
Dr. Smith

Sleep dealer is a movie based in computers similar to the matrix. The movie sleep dealer is originated in Mexico. People connect to this cables that transfer your power to other places and control machines. This is a new way of working in that time of year. Mostly this movie is about Mexicans, showing this new way of working and making money, in a way they don’t have to risk their lives by going to the United States illegally.
In the movie sleep dealer show how can people work in The United States from other places like Mexico. This movie just focus from the Latino point of view, trying to tell the audience all the need and the struggle that Latinos families have in their country and their only help is the family that works in the United States. This movie has some similarities from the movie The Matrix. In both movies people connect to computers to save their lives and keep surviving, in the matrix to gain freedom and in sleep dealer he is trying to gain money by working and keep their family alive. In both movies people connect through cables to get to other places. When they connect to these cables, they transfer their minds and strength to other places for example in the movie the matrix, they transfer from the real world to the matrix. In the movie sleep dealer they transfer to the United States to work. In both movies all people have to take the risk of dying during this process of transferring and during their stay, also people need to have nodes in order to connect to these places, otherwise they weren’t able to accomplish this process and their dreams and hopes would be shattered.
In the movie sleep dealer the director particularly focus in Mexicans. Is about how Mexicans can go to work to the United States without leaving their country by just plugging themselves to a machine. The move is telling that Mexicans are the ones that do most of the work in the United States and for this process they don’t have to be present in body anymore. Robots are their bodies in that time of year, they just uses their mind, strength and power in order to make this robots work. In the movie “Memo” the starring of this, didn’t have his vision at 100% and he was always feeling weak and tired. By this process Mexicans will just be dying slowly. These machines are draining all their power and the tools use for this process were damaging some of the workers senses in this time their vision was getting worse each time. Mexicans are just like another tool of this project in which they can be replaced any time, companies who hired them don’t know the consequences that their workers are having because they are not looking at them, they are just looking at machines. So they have no feelings to them and they don’t care what happens to them.
In this movie people from their rural life have to move to the urban life I order to survive and keep their family alive. To the government people from the rural life has no value as I seen I the movie. The death of memos dad didn’t care no one and nothing was done in order to catch or search for clues to look for the criminal that murder him. The government took away the water from them not caring if they were alive or death, or if children and women live there. They just left them by their own like trash, taking away all their resources for them to survive and making them move to the urban life to get money to buy water and help their family, and the only job available, by connecting to the machines. Is away to get more people to do this.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

blog 22

the matrix is a very interesting movie cynthia said that fior her the matrix for her is just about special effects thats all and that in this movie womens are been stereotype by only putting to womens in scene trynity and the oracle.In “existenz” the way people would get attach to the game is trough their backs. They have holes in there back, which insert a plug that will connect to the game. she said that existen in a better film than the matrix i completly. i dont agree with her. both of this films are based in real worl and reality. in the matrix you get into the the matrix connected trought a computer similar as existenz. in both movies have a lots of similarities

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

blog 21

today dr. smith gave us a lot of ideas in which we can make our final better. he show us how can we make video from a power point. this is ver helpfull for us because I was lack of ideas and this make a complete turn in my project for my partner and I.

blog 20

in the matrix the movie the the woman doesnt have big roles, most of generals ad people with high range and power, are men. in the movie called Existentz womens have bigger roles in this movie, take more control and power.

blog 23

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

blog 18

My group has finally decided in which will be our final for the mass and media class. We have a clear idea in what we are going to do; we just need to specify some details like the place and stuff we are going to need.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blog 17

My partner and I have been brainstorming thinking in a new project which can be cool and interesting to whole the class and the teacher. We are gonna get people who has never smoked weed and ask them some questions. And they are going to tell us the reasons why they don’t do this. And will be lucky in one of them have the courage and are willing to tried.